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Dear God (aka Of Squirrels and Trust)

In the interest of growing a friendship between little Mikey and her higher power, Gran used to encourage the child to reach out whenever the thought occurred.

Mikey was a big letter writer. Perhaps that came from living so far from all of the folks she knew and loved, back in the day before cell phones and computers, back in the day when long-distance meant three-minute phone calls only. So when Mikey had a thought or an idea, she’d share it the old-fashioned way — in words, on paper.

One day, her letter (with a little spell check) read…

Dear God,

How are you? I am fine. My birthday is Halloween. When is your birthday? I will be 6. I can feed Snoopy all by myself and I am almost as tall as Candy (that’s my best friend and she is from Massachusetts and she wears neat shoes). I like pumpkins. Do you like pumpkins? Check yes ___ or no ___. Yesterday I watched a momma squirrel carry her big baby to another tree. It held on around her neck. Gran said it trusted her. Even though it was big enough to run all by itself – it was almost as big as she was! Gran told me some people do that, but it doesn’t work very well. She said the best Moms and dads teach their kids to stand on their own two feet and run by themselves. Not to make Mom and Dad carry them everywhere. That would be very hard for kickball. Plus she said it just makes everybody tired and worn out and cranky and makes the babies have legs like spaghetti. I like Spaghetti. With butter. Not tomatoes. Do you like spaghetti? Check yes ___ or no ___. I think that’s how it’s s’posed to be with you. Everybody says Trust God. But if everyone waited for you to carry us around like that big baby squirrel, your neck would have to get awfully tired, and sooner or later, I think you would just get plain old tired of it. Don’t you have other stuff to do? OK, I have to go do chores. Write me back.

I love you (do you love me? Check yes ___ or no ___)


P.S. Mom said when I am 7 I can turn on the stove and make biscuits all by myself. Will you help me stir?

And there you have it. A child’s thoughts on God and trust and squirrels and how those all fit together.

Was little Mikey right with all her thoughts? Who knows. I certainly don’t.

But I have to admit, something about this feels right. And Gran and Mikey seemed to know an awful lot about other things as well — things that have proven true over the years.

Just for today, I think I’ll run with this idea. How about you?

(C) 2017 Mary Batson,
All rights reserved, including the one to feed the squirrels